Test Results

Clear communication concerning clinical advice and interpretation is being important for the provision of good patient care. Proper arrangement is adopted through the following channels as follow:
  1. Customer service – our CS team provide accurate and prompt advisory service to the requestors on the ordering of suitable examination and other relevant information such as price, turnaround time, sample requirement, etc.
  2. Test report - if there are problems or uncertainties associated with the diagnosis, they are usually stated as comments in the report.
  3. Advisory service from the physician - advisory service is available (within the limit of the scope of test service and accreditation, if applicable) if clinical interpretation of examination results, or clinical input and consultation is needed.

Complaint Handling Policy

As a quality and customer orientated testing laboratory, the company treasures feedback from external parties (including customers and regulatory bodies) and handles complaints according to defined policy. The company may receive complaints through one or more of the following ways:
  1. Telephone calls (+852 3979 3200)
  2. Facsimile (+852 3979 3299)
  3. Email (info@acecgt.com)
  4. Correspondence

The company will confirm with the party that a complaint is received. At the conclusion of the complaint investigation, the company communicates with the party and let it know the results. This procedure is established for handling customer complaint to ensure:
  1. follow up action is promptly taken to resolve complaints,
  2. causes of complaint are eliminated and recurrence is prevented

Other Questions

Group Field Option / Filing format
Patient Demographics Name Full name as on identifying document, surname first
ID No./Passport No. Number as on identifying document
Gender Female / Male
Ethnicity Chinese / Asian / African / Caucasian / Others
Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy
Referring Information Name and Authorized Signature Need formal confirmation by signature / chop
Reference number Clinic/hospital or other reference no.
Patient Clinical Information Clinical History / Referral Reason: Fill in patient clinical information / referral reason being related to the requested examination
Specimen Information Specimen Type EDTA Blood / Clotted Blood Swab / Urine / LBCP / Others
Specimen Collection Date dd/mm/yyyy
Examination information Test Request Choose one or more tests