About Acecgt Group

Acecgt group is based in Hong Kong and we are committed in bringing innovative solution and translating life science's technology into everyday applications. Leveraging on the vest amount of knowledge and know-how derived from Human Genome Projects (HGP), International HapMap Project and other projects, Acecgt is taking this opportunity to translate the science into practice in the fast growing markets covering Hong Kong, China and Asia.

Due to the fact that, we are very into DNA and technology, we even named our group as Acecgt [Pronounced as A,C,G,T]. As we all know, A, C, G and T are the essential building blocks of DNA and it holds many secrets of life.

Acecgt group is striving extremely hard and working our way toward the Ace player in the exciting fields of life science; namely in clinical, genomic and technology sectors. This goal is embedded in our corporate DNA and it is also our mandate.

About Acecgt Diagnostic

Acecgt Diagnostic (AD) is a leading clinical diagnostic laboratory specializing in molecular diagnosis (DNA test and RNA test). We strongly believe diagnostic tests are the foundation of a successful health care system in providing critical information for both health care providers and patients to make the right medical decisions. AD is committed to improving overall patient care by delivering and developing innovative, affordable, and widely-accessible testing services through their network.

Acecgt Diagnostic is teamed up with a group of doctorate and master level degree laboratory scientists, research scientists, advisors and experts from different fields of profession to create a unique combination. At AD, we pride ourselves as the molecular diagnostic (DNA test) expertise. Our team has very rich experience of handling over 100,000 clinical samples plus and serving thousands and thousands of families.

Through Acecgt group’s international network, Acecgt Diagnostic is able to get access to both local and international expertise from biotech companies to medical research institutes for professional medical and technical advices around the world.

In here, everyone is committed to providing you with the best service possible.

Our Philosophy - This is Acecgt’s way !

What is our mission ?

Acecgt Diagnostic (AD) shares the same mission with our group and it is to bring closer to the people the power of life science technology to become healthier individuals and to prolong individuals’ healthy life expectancies.

What is our belief ?

Life science technology could make a big difference. AD believes health is an essential part of your equation of wealth. Without being healthy, what are you going to do with your wealth! This is for yourself, your family, loved ones and etc.

Family + Friends + Life + Work + Stay Healthy + Prevention = Wealth Family + Friends + Life + Work + Stay Healthy + Prevention = Wealth


Acecgt Diagnostic Limited. has successfully awarded for the ISO 15189:2012 medical laboratory accreditation standard, accredited under the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) in November 2020. With the accredited 15189:2012 international medical laboratory quality management system in place, we are able to provide our services at the highest quality standard, with our quality policy as follow:

  • We commit to provide professional and quality testing services, in terms of accurate and on-time test results, to our customers.
  • We commit to maintain the independence, impartiality and integrity of our services.
  • We commit to meet statutory, regulatory and certification / accreditation requirements and to satisfy the need of our customers.
  • We commit to ensure all personnel concerned with test activities being familiar with the quality documentation and implement the policies and procedures at all times.
  • We commit to comply with pertinent quality management system requirement on our test services.
  • We commit to continually review and improve the effectiveness of the management system.

Besides, we are regularly engaged in international renowned organization's (i.e. College of American Pathologists) proficiency testing programs to evaluate and benchmark performance, accuracy and test results for making excellence as one of our routines.

For our scope of accredited testing services, please refer to https://www.itc.gov.hk/en/quality/hkas/doc/scopes/847S.pdf

Our Customers

Acecgt Diagnostic’s team has been serving thousands and thousands of valued clients with their endorsements and continuous feedbacks are something that we are proud of. This is the achievement that keeps our team going and improving everyday.

Our customer base covers the following areas:

Biotech companies
Healthcare providers
Medical professionals
Clinical laboratories